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A Pristine action is designed to be a direct Remington 700 replacement upgrade. No over-size bolt issues as is common with other aftermarket actions.

  • CNC machined from one solid piece of pre-hardened 416 Stainless Steel
  • A unique quick-release bolt shroud allows easy bolt disassembly for cleaning – no tools required
  • Ultra-smooth bolt cycling – less than 4 pounds to lift the bolt
  • 6-lug design, with light and quick 90° bolt lift
  • Dual ejectors
  • Bolt face diameters available for a variety of calibers
  • Floating bolt head allows for an exchangeable bolt head
  • Pinned precision recoil lug included.
  • 6 Lug floating bolt head for unmatched security and strength.
  • Interchangeable bolt heads for caliber selection.
  • Roller cocking piece for super light bolt lift that creates consistent and smooth bolt closing. No ‘cock-on-close’.
  • Cylindrical action designed to remove material stress
  • Double ejection pins for more consistent and powerful ejection
  • Isotropic surface finish for enhanced smoothness
  • Replaceable bolt knob – standard 5/16-24 thread
  • 90 degree bolt lift.